You Know You're a Quilter When

Am I Alone?

Have you ever wondered if anyone else has the same problem you do. Do you wonder if you buy more material than anyone else? Does everyone spend as much money on material as you do? Do others have the same desire to touch fabric. Has anyone else ever bought fabric and forgot about it? Are you the only person that routes a road trip to hit as many quilt shops as possible, regardless of the miles? Are you the only one that is addicted? Is there a quilters anonymous?

Deep down we all know that we are not alone - but it's always a comfort to see everything we do and feel put in writing by someone else. There is no limit to the quilt stories, explanations, tall tales and justification a quilter will give for her complicated but perfectly understandable (and legal) addiction.

For the record, I'm guilty of every single "when" that follows.

You Know You're a Quilter When....


Personally Speaking

  • you can't pass by fabric without stroking it.
  • fabric fondling does not sound obscene.
  • all the gifts you give, whatever the occasion, are quilts.
  • you plan your vacation around quilt shops.
  • you take your sewing machine with you on your vacation.
  • your mangled fingertips are a badge of courage.
  • people are always picking threads off you.
  • you think thread is a fashion accessory.
  • you have to work to pay for your quilting.
  • you think your job is an interruption in your quilt time.
  • your cat thinks all quilts are there for her to sleep on.
  • you have survived a quilting injury.
  • you own more than one sewing machine.

Those Darn Quilts

  • you have more UFOs than Area 51.
  • you have more UFOs than you can possibly do in the next year.
  • your New Years Resolution is always to finish the UFOs.
  • you've not only seen a UFO, but you have a closet full of them to prove it.
  • you're planning your next 5 quilts and you haven't finished the one you're working on.
  • you buy ladders to hang your un-quilted tops on.

Around the House

  • there is more fabric in the house than food.
  • you have more seam rippers than paring knives.
  • you refer to your sewing room as your store.
  • you convert your guest bedroom into your sewing room.
  • you look at an empty wall and imagine a quilt hanging on it.
  • you take down pictures in order to hang some quilts.
  • you donate your artificial Christmas tree to charity and make a quilted wall hanging of a tree to use instead.
  • your vacuum roller seizes from all the thread wrapped around it.
  • your ironing board is always set up but you never iron clothes.

The Stash

  • you have enough material to make everyone you know a quilt.
  • you cant outlive your stash.
  • there is fabric in your stash that you have no recollection buying.
  • you have fabric in your stash that you've never seen before.
  • you don't use fabric from your stash because you might need it some day.

The Quilt Shop

  • every quilt shop employee knows your first name.
  • you are in a strange city and almost cause an accident doing a U turn when you spot a quilt shop
  • you ask for quilt shop gift certificates for Christmas.
  • you can't leave a quilt shop for under $100.00
  • you have no qualms about driving for hours and hours to go to a quilt show
  • you have no qualms about driving for hours and hours to go to a quilt shop
  • you drive 300 miles and stay overnight to pick up fabric from a quilt shop rather than have them mail it.

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