The Month Before Christmas
2020 - The Year of Covid 19

What does quilting, Covid 19 and the "month" before Christmas have to do with anything. Well, I guess not much other than it has been a strange year that saw new, never before experienced, restrictions on quilters.

Mask Production

When the pandemic started it didn't take long for quilters to jump into action. Out came the stash. Sewing machines whirred and mass production of masks began. Masks for friends and family. Masks for church groups, senior residences, and nursing homes. Masks of every color shape and size. There is no limit to the creativity of quilters. Overnight, everyone in the quilter's circle was walking around with pool balls, chickens, and kittens on their faces.

We thought it would be a couple of months. But it was not to be so.

The Lockdown

Then the lockdown hit, indisputably the happiest people around were quilters - stuck at home with nothing to do but quilt (in between making more masks, of course).

But then reality hit. Guild meetings and charity work groups were cancelled. Quilt shops were closed except for emergency curbside pick up. No more sew days with friends. Just the quilter, her stash and her sewing machine.

For many people, loneliness took hold. Jobs were lost and financial problems started. Schools were shut down and parents scrambled to figure out home schooling. People were losing friends and loved ones to the Virus.

Being able to quilt helped us get through the lockdown.

Summer Relief

Everyone breathed a sign of relief when we were finally able to have outdoor gatherings. Our guild quickly organized a backyard meeting in August. The show and tell took most of the afternoon. All those beautiful quilts made during lockdown were on display. Apparently, there was no end to the stash available to our quilters.

The Month Before Christmas

Now, as Christmas is nearing and unbelievably it has been 10 months since the pandemic hit, we are once again living with lockdowns and restrictions.

This Christmas will be like none other we have experienced. Many people will be alone, separated from family and friends, in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We will deal with it. Quilters will make more quilts and of course, masks.

So what does quilting, Covid 19 and the "month" before Christmas have to do with anything?

When I received this poem in my email, it reminded me that regardless of what happens, I can always quilt. I am so thankful I'm a quilter.

Twas a month before Christmas,
And all through the town,
People wore masks, that covered their frown.
The frown had begun way back in the Spring,
When a global pandemic changed everything.
They called it corona but unlike the beer,
It didn't bring good times, it didn't bring cheer.

Airplanes were grounded, travel was banned.
Borders were closed across air, sea and land.
As the world entered lockdown to flatten the curve,
The economy halted and folks lost their nerve.
From March to July we rode the first wave,
People stayed home, they tried to behave.

When summer emerged the lockdown was lifted,
But away from caution, many folks drifted.
Now it's November and cases are spiking,
Wave two has arrived much to our disliking.
It's true that this year has had sadness a plenty,
We'll never forget the year 2020.

And just 'round the corner the holiday season,
But why be merry? Is there even one reason?
To decorate the house and put up the tree,
Who will see it, no one but me.

But outside my window the snow gently falls,
And I think to myself, let's deck the halls!
So, I gather the ribbon, the garland and bows,
As I play those old carols, my happiness grows.

Christmas is not cancelled and neither is hope.
If we lean on each other, I know we can cope.
Merry Christmas to all!,

~Author Unknown~

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