Quilting Moments
A Moment to Remember

Every once in a while a small tidbit, quote, storey or poem catches my attention. These pages are dedicated to those little treasures. There is no limit to the quilt stories, explanations, tall tales and justification a quilter will give for her complicated but perfectly understandable (and legal) addiction. Enjoy!

A Fabricaholic Exposed

On viewing my newly renovated sewing room and after snooping through a couple of drawers and cupboards, my best friend said "oh my gawd - I hope I die first. I don't want to deal with all this!" Wait until she finds my treasures hidden in all the other drawers, bins, cupboards, corners, nooks and crannies throughout my house. I even hide them in my cedar chest.

I am a fabricholic and there are 10,000 devious shops across North America all willing to enable me. I take comfort, though, in knowing I am not alone. (December, 2015)

Quiltable Quotes
  • Sew many stores - sew little time.
  • She who dies with the most fabric didn't sew fast enough.
  • Before Prozac, there was quilting.
  • I am a material girl.
  • You can't outlive your stash.
  • Is a Nine Patch part of a Twelve Step Program?
  • Quilters aren't greedy, they're just materialistic.
  • Quilting is cheap therapy.
  • Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we're here, we should quilt.
  • Quilts are like a journal, bits and pieces of fabric, various shapes and sizes with colours that come to life. Joined together, they tell a story.

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