Kiddy Kat Quilts
For Cat's Sake!

The perfect little quilt you and your kitty will love. These 24" x 24" hand made quilts are a stylish and fun solution to controlling cat hair.

Company's Coming!

How many times have you rushed around the house collecting the old towels, sheets and rags you use to protect furniture and pillows. Stop! Throw them away and use our handy Kiddy Kat Quilts.

Cats love to curl up on something and sleep. Give them their very own Kiddy Kat Quilt. It wont be long before your cat actually looks for their quilt to lay on. From flowers to fun designs, there are Kiddy Kat Quilts to suit everyone. They are reasonably priced and fully washable so you can easily have a stack on hand.

Give your home the finishing touch - a unique and stylish Kiddy Kat Quilt.

Kiddy Kat Quilt Possibilities
  • cover the backs and arms of furniture
  • place on a corner of your bed - a special place for kitty to sleep
  • put on your lap for those petting moments
  • cover a hassock in front of a window for a bird watching perch
  • give quilts as gifts - especially to welcome a new kitty arrival
  • use as a cover for a kitty bed to remove for washing
  • take a supply to the kennel along with kitty's other favourite things
Kiddy Kat Quilt Versatility
  • give some quilts to Rover
  • use as a car seat cover
  • take a supply to the kennel along with Rover's other favourite things
  • use as a baby receiving blanket
  • give as gifts - especially to welcome a new baby
  • use as placemats, table cloths or sitting blankets on picnics
Kiddy Kat Showcase

Every quilt store has lots of animal fabric and there is always the right fabric for the right occasion. It's easy to get inspired in the animal section of your favourite store.

Colourful Toucans

In June my friend Sally and I got together for a sew day and created four kiddy kat quilts - two for Thomas and two for Snowball.

I was heading out on a road trip to visit my sister in Texas. Bringing a kiddy kat quilt for her cat, Thomas, seemed like a fun thing to do. Snowball's quilt on the other hand was much more meaningful. She is a cancer survivor and Sally just wanted to give her the comfort of a quilt.

Toucan Quilts - June, 2016

We blasted through four quilts - blue for Thomas and pink for Snowball. The fabric we chose was Sunshine Day from Studio E featuring toucans and owls. For the back, we used a lime green tossed toucans from the same line.

Back - Tossed Toucans

Fabric - Sunshine Day

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