Bragging Rights
The Ugly Ducklings

A friend of mine told me that every quilt is beautiful. I think she was a bit optimistic because I've made some ugly ducklings that not even a mother could love! Another friend told me that a quilt isn't a good quilt unless it has at least one ugly piece of material in it. I've mastered that art too. The Ugly Ducklings wont make it to this page - no matter what my friends say.

Bear Country Designs

Bear Country Gallery in Kalispell, MT features Jeff Fleming's full collection of artwork from the loveable Bearfoots, bronze sculptures, paintings, and wood sculptures. Jeff's original woodcarvings can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world, including National Parks, and Disney World. Bear Country Gallery

The loveable Bearfoots have been produced in many forms such as cast resin figurines, dishes and cookie jars, furniture, blankets, ornaments, and now - QUILTS. Bear Country Designs by Angie Fleming and Nancee Olszewski is a creative new take on Jeff Fleming's world famous Bearfoot Bears.

Hap - January, 2016

Hap - January 2016

Hap is part of the Bearfoots collection by Jeff Fleming. While visiting Kalispell, MT in January, 2016 I took an appliqué class at Glacier Quilts featuring two patterns from Bear Country Designs. I chose to make Hap but also bought the pattern for Dancing Under the Stars.

Buggy Barn

I'm addicted to Buggy Barn. Over the years, I've collected most of their books and taken several lessons. The technique to say the least is unique. It was hard to get beyond the fact that nothing matches but once I was comfortable with it, there was no turning back.

I travelled to Spokane, Washington several times to visit the shop which was truly in the country, on a farm, in a buggy barn. Sadly the shop has now closed, but the patterns will go on for a long time with me. I can only hope they will open again.

Bramble Baskets - Dec, 2014
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations

Bramble Baskets - Dec, 2014
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations
Disappearing Nine Patch

The Disappearing Nine Patch is great for using up scraps. It is also great for obtaining a variety of different designs simply by changing the way you put them together. From the simple Irish Chain to an elaborate self sashing quilt, the nine patch is my "go to" pattern.

Self Sashing Scrappy 9 Patch
September, 2014

Self Sashing Scrappy 9 Patch
January, 2015
Irish Chain Nine Patch

Quilting First Class - Sept, 2011
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations

My introduction to quilting was the Irish Chain Nine Patch in Sept 2011. It took me three years to complete. I was so inspired with quilting that I took off on other projects and two years went by before I had it professionally quilted. Then it was another year before I finally had the binding finished. I was officially a member of the UFO Club.

Log Cabin

Barn Raising Layout - Jan, 2012
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations

My next big project was a Log Cabin quilting class. The Log Cabin pattern is great for variety. Easy to make and easy to keep square, the log cabin quilt goes together fast and looks very impressive. Rearranging the squares creates entirely different looks. This one has a distinct southwestern look but I wasn't creating it. It just happened and I liked it.

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars was a course I took at Addie's in Cochrane in September, 2016. I was away for the first week but managed to get my cutting done and blocks ready for the second session. I really like these stars. They are floating and size is not a big issue as they are all squared after they are finished. Perfection! It certainly beats having to deal with exact points any day.

The fabric used was Farmhouse by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda featuring country blooms, classic dots, modern checks and a grouping of versatile & fun fillers.

Farmhouse by Fig Tree for Moda

Lucky Stars - September 2016

Nuts & Bolts

This quilt was a class held at My Sewing Room in December 2014 - finally quilted in March 2015. I modified the pattern to have the circles going around the outside rather than in the main part of the quilt but I think if I did it again, I would put them in the middle according to the pattern.

Nuts & Bolts - March, 2015

Nuts & Bolts

This is a very simple pattern - basically Courthouse Steps starting with a 5 inch center. The fabric I used is from Moda Be Jolly by Deb Strain. I originally purchased the material along with the Be Jolly panel pattern on my fall trip to the States.

Be Jolly by Moda


My friend Nancy gave me 12 darling kitties, embroidered in bright colours. I cursed her for a while searching for the right size fussy cut pattern that would show them off. Finally Missouri Star came to the rescue with the Quartrefoil pattern.

I took the kitties with me on my quilt away in May, 2015 and spent my week in Vegas making the quilt. Originally, I chose the fabric from Berenstain Bears Birthday for the quilt but it was a bit too busy for this quilt. I'll use it in another quilt. When I visited Quiltique in Henderson, I found the perfect pink and turquoise instead. I picked two different fabrics for the black both with multi coloured flecks or stars.

Cornerstone Catastrophe

I ran into problems with matching the cornerstones. I didn't have experience with half square triangles and it was quite frustrating. I knew there had to be a simple way to do them, but I was lost. Unfortunately, the corners rarely lined up but I love the quilt anyway.

Quatrefoil - May, 2015

Embroidered Kitty

Quatrefoil Block
Row by Row

After travelling across Canada and the US for two years and collecting as many Row by Row patterns I could get my hands on, I finally admitted I don't particularly like appliqué. It wasn't long before I abandoned the rows. It was too labour intensive for me. I still wanted to make "something". My solution - make a wall hanging from the annual fabric, use the matching road trip fabric for the back, and put on a label listing all the stores I visited.

2015 Timeless Treasures - H2O

The 2015 theme is H2O featuring fun fabric coordinates by Debra Gabel for Timeless Treasures. I used the road map fabric for the back.

H2O Fabric - 2015

H2O - 2015

2016 Timeless Treasures - Home Sweet Home

The 2016 theme is Home Sweet Home featuring fabric coordinates by Debra Gabel for Timeless Treasures. I used the road map fabric for the back.

Home Sweet Home Fabric - 2016

Home Sweet Home - 2016
Ruler Bag

I affectionately named this ruler bag "My Girls". This 27" x 20" bag has a shoulder strap and carries all my rulers, cutting board and ironing board. The front has a zippered slot to carry my 6" x 24" ruler.

Bee Happy - Loralie Designs
Ruler Bag "My Girls" - 2014

The ruler bag was a class offered by My Sewing Room in the summer 2014 and was designed by my friend Carol because I was always complaining about having to carry all my paraphernalia and not enough hands to do it. She named the pattern "Doreen's Tote". I guess it pays to whine!

Fabric used was Bee Happy from Loralie Designs.

Something Shiny

Something Shiny is a simple lap quilt pattern I worked out with 24 rectangles surrounded by sashing, a zinger and border. Since I started making this pattern from left over scraps it just seemd right to call it Something Shiny - by definition, an unplanned distraction.

The Urban Dictionary defines Something Shiny as:

"A phrase used to explain a personal lapse in memory, coordination and/or good judgment by falsely attributing it to the phenomenon of being distracted by bright, pretty things, especially where the desire is to make light of it."

Canada 150 - With Glowing Hearts

Trend-Tex Fabrics asked Grace Noel to come up with a great new collection highlighting some special and iconic things about Canada. With Glowing Hearts covers everything Canada, including our National Anthem, the Maple Leaf, Canadian Geese, Provincial Flowers and Hockey.

Canada 150 - With Glowing Hearts

So far we've made four Canada 150 Quilts - one for Marilynn, one for Sally, one for Sharon and one for myself. Sharon's quilt has a little extra fabric in it to satisfy her "moose" infatuation.

We also did some wall hanging quilts using the Yellow Brick Road pattern but it was unanimous - we didn't like the effect.

Lil' Red and The Big Bad Wolf - March 2017

The big bad wolf only has eyes for Lil' Red. This whimsical line is designed by Stacy lest Hsu for Moda. It brings the classic fairy tale to life. I only used two fabrics - the tossed Lil' Red and the Big Bag Wolf on white and the Small Hearts on red. The border is Caravan Roundup Big Sky by Mary Jane Butters for Moda.

Lil' Red Fabric

Lil' Red - March 2017

When I put my Christmas tablecloth on back in December, I said I wasn't going to take it off until I made myself a new tablecloth. It was almost Christmas in July but I managed to put the new one on my table on July 1st, 2017 - right on Canada's 150th birthday. Now that just seems appropriate.

I worked on my tablecloth at our Guild Retreat in June. In addition to the tablecloth I managed to make three table runners. The fabric used was a mixture of several Kansas Troubles fabrics. For the back I used Black Berries from Bees and Blooms. The pattern is Flowers in the Garden by Sweet Jane.

July 1, 2017
Wall Hangings

Karen bought me a quilt hanger for Christmas a couple of years ago. I finally had it mounted in my living room in December 2015. I decided I would change the quilt for every season and any other special events that come along.

Christmas Tree

My first hanging was a Christmas Tree quilt. It seemed appropriate since I don't put up a tree anymore. It was getting too hard for me to lift and put the tree together so after last Christmas, I hauled it to good will. Now I'll still have a tree every year.

Christmas Tree - Dec 2015


A second hanging found it's way to my wall in January, 2016 in the form of a bear - Hap. I made Hap while on a quilting retreat in Kalispell. Hap is also my first real effort at appliqué. I have Jeff Fleming's Bearfoots all over my house so Hap fit right in.

Hap - January, 2016


I found this flannel panel "Pumpkin Party" at the Quilt Cabin in Colby, Kansas. We stopped there on our road trip last summer. It was a bit too long so I had to cut off the bottom section. The panel was designed by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio.

Pumpkin Party - Oct 2016

A Stitch in Time

I made up my mind not to remove my Christmas Tree until I've made a new handing to replace it. April 16th - finally! The fabric line is Stonehenge - A Stitch In Time by Deborah Edwards for Northcott. The back is beige pins and the binding is red buttons.

A Stitch in Time - April 2017

Early to Rise

The Early to Rise collection by Danhui Nai for Wilmington Prints features colourful roosters in red, blue, green and gold. I used tossed roosters for the back and the matching red for the binding.

Early to Rise - April 2017
Yellow Brick Road

When My Sewing Room had Yellow Brick Road as a class, I jumped at the chance. I was still sewing my blocks when everyone else was on the home stretch. Undeterred, I kept sewing and sewing and sewing. Finally, when I was done I realized that the kit was for a king size quilt! Now I have three lap quilts and I still have blocks to spare. For the back I used Tweet Others with Kindness by Kelly Mueller for Red Rooster Fabrics.

Farm Country- Jan, 2016

Farm Country - January 2016

I purchased this fat quarter bundle a couple of years ago from Glacier Quilts in Kalispell and the sample quilt they had was Yellow Brick Road. I love the deep colours and country feel. Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs is great for fat quarters or using up scraps.

Play Your Song - October 2016

I really like the way these fabrics play with each other, truly having distinct light, medium and dark with great transition fabrics making a good combination for the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Play Your Song is a classic collection designed by Wilmington Prints TRD Portfolio with musical motifs in black, gray, white, ivory, & golden tan. I added a few extra blacks and dark golds to deepen the overall effect. For the back I'm using The Celestial Collection by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics.

A friend of mine is a fiddle player. He's retiring soon and one of these days he will be moving home to Ontario. I decided this musical fabric would make the perfect going away quilt for him. Once I get it finished I'll post a photo of the completed quilt.

Play Your Song- October 2016

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