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Nothing can motivate a quilt maker more than a new baby. Whether the quilt is pink, blue or yellow for the unknown, a quilter springs into action. The new arrival is guaranteed comfort and has a "blankie" to drag around for as long as they want. Wash after wash, the quilt will always be there for them.

In addition, my tiny 24"x 24" kiddy kat quilts are perfect for the new born too. Whether you are using them as a change blanket, nursing blanket or a light cover in the stroller, a supply of kiddy kat quilts is a necessity.


The friendship of a quilt continues. At some point the pinks and blues will be replaced by dolls, trucks, animals, and super heroes. One thing remains constant - comfort.


Just when you think your kids are going to dump quilts - along comes a whole new concept - modern design. The colors are exactly what your teen wants. This might be the only time in my life when I will have to make a quilt I don't particularly like, but it's still all about one thing - comfort for the teen.

Children's Showcase

Entire sections of quilt stores are stacked to the ceiling with children's fabrics. It's not hard to find exactly what you are looking for in exactly the colours you had in mind. With or without kids or babies to make quilts for, it's easy to get inspired in the children's section of your favourite store.

Baby Mice and Jungle Babies

These two quilts were made for Aurora, Karen's great granddaughter who arrived on December 21, 2013 - the 5th in a five generation family - all girls.

Baby Mice - September 2013
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations

Jungle Babies - September 2013
Quilted by Nancy Basserman
Crazy Creek Creations

Rag Quilt - March, 2015
Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Cat in the Hat Rag Quilt

This quilt was a class held at My Sewing Room in March, 2015. What a fun quilt to work with. I think this would be a great for using up all those small pieces of batting that are left over - not to mention those insurmountable scraps.

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